My work and life philosophy is the endless research for perfection, trying to imitate Nature as the only guide to follow, in order to obtain medical devices that are as close as possible to reality. Nature teaches how to do many things, but you must have a good power of observation and comprehension of details.

My passion for Archeology and History, that I’ve been cultivating since I was young, the continuous research for the past, the insatiable desire to visit new places and learn about those who created history with their ventures, are all elements that noticeably contributed to my professional growth.

My love for my job; my willingness to learn new things; my continuous professional updating as the only way to know the latest and most advanced evolutions of techniques and materials; the constant research for quality, represent my life and work philosophy



“Nature teaches us a lot of things, the important thing is knowing how to observe them“

                                                                                                             Earl Pound

"No effect in nature is without a cause.

 Understand the cause and you’ll get your experience"

                                                    Leonardo da Vinci

"There, where you find a master, don’t settle.

There, where you don’t find a master, go on"

                                             ZEN Proverb

"It’s better to do one thing than a hundred things,

because with that one thing you can create a hundred more.

Quality always pays back …!!”

                                                                       My Master

Esthetic Oral Center - Gabriele Barbarossa